2012 Programma Ponte Scholarship recipients

The Programma Ponte Scholarship Program was established in 1997 in Rome, by the AIAE in collaboration and partnership with the University of St. Thomas Aquinas, The Istituto Superiore per la Comunicazione e l’Opinione Pubblica (ISCOP), and with the Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro (FNCL). The Programma Ponte, though initiated in New York, begins in Rome as the students register at the Residenza Universitaria Lamaro Pozzani and ends in Rome with a successful completion of the course of study.

2014 AIAE_Programma_Ponte_Scholarship Recipients


2012 Scholarship Recicients

Cesiah Moreno                                                                                                                            Queens College (CUNY), Mass comm., Italian.                                                                        Rienzi & Sons Scholarship

Alexandria Bianco                                                                                                                     George Washington University                                                                                        International Affairs and Italian                                                                                   Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro Scholarship

Gaia Lettere                                                                                                                                 Wellesley College                                                                                                                             French & Music                                                                                                                               Association of Italian American Educators

Julio Fiorio                                                                                                                                   James Madison University                                                                                                            Italian and Public policy & Administration                                                                               Mauro & Josephine A. Maietta Scholarship

Kristy Romano                                                                                                                            Belmont University                                                                                                                         Mass Communication, Italian, and marketing                                                                         Howard Beach Columbusday Foundation Scholarship

Michael Santoro                                                                                                                 The College of New Jersey                                                                                                            English, Pedagogy, and Italian Language                                                                                  The Coccia Foundation Scholarship

Sean Hichey                                                                                                                                  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill                                                                      International Economics                                                                                                               Anthony Calia Foundation Scholarship

Sebastian Posada                                                                                                                                             The University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill                                                                      Public Health                                                                                                                         Giovanni Palandra Memorial Scholarship


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